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#uncapped talent check and deciphy for engineers at

About Eagleview

Imagine if an aerial shot of a landscape can be used to create a 3D model and machine learning engine can use models around construction, climate change etc. Eagleview solves for that with a proprietary geo-spatial data engine.


100 Offers

Time taken

6 Months



Top of the funnel


Inteview to Offer


Offer to Joinee

Type of engagement

Talent Check

Career stage


Problem statement

Eagleview want to hire 60 engineers in a quarter, what can they expect as they strengthen their team


The orientation did a deep dive on India as a demography and talent definition Eagleview can expect. We also covered in aspects related to compa ratio diced at levels for e.g function, career stage, location etc.

In addition, the market map was covered in by our subscription based delivery model to create an offer pipeline of 125 Offers in 8 Months.