Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

Uncap as a thought got seeded with one mission of #buildingexperiences.  At Uncap, a common string which ties the core team is Technology and People.

The team is heavily invested in creating a culture which relies on

  • Integrity
  • Being a Believer
  • Making Own Story
  • Practicing Trust 

We take them to be the core fundamentals of the company's mission which is to build and create wow experiences for self, customers, and clientele.

We founded Uncap Research Labs with a strong research focus to solve for our most passionate and experiential subject "Recruiting".

What we are trying to Solve?

We feel astonished by how the world has evolved with ease of access to information. It brings an adrenaline rush on how data is being used to derive patterns and hence build the great usable products.

It also gives equal rush on the immense opportunity we see in the way Talent is engaged today and how Talent Acquisition as a function has not evolved being a Billion Dollar Market.

We teamed up with a vision on leveraging community-driven brand based interventions by unleashing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Core Team

Gaurav Gaur


"GG" is a dreamer and passionate about solving experiential problems. Fail Fast and Learn fast is what keeps him going.  Gaurav brings aboard over 13 years of experience in building Talent teams for Engineering organizations.

@Uncap, GG represent Linkzy's product portfolio for technology offerings to ensure great experience for Talent and Businesses.

"NC"-Is a reader and known for the tact balancing. The same is visible from his fitness quotient. NC bring aboard over 12 Years of experience in ochestrating and creation Talent Acquisition as an experience zone.

@Uncap, NC represents Deciphy which curates and engages engineering talent for Product/eCommerce businesses.